Running to Glorify….where did this group come from?

I’ve been a runner since I was 14 years old (I just tried to do the math; and ok…it’s a lot of years!). It started as a fun way for me to beat up on the boys by flexing my competitive spirit while running the 1 mile during PE in high school. Eventually it turned into a full-on passion and a way for me to grow spiritually. The road hasn’t always been easy and there were many times I fell into the trap of allowing this amazing gift to be abused selfishlessly, however, I’ve discovered in my (alot) of years of running that if I keep my eyes ‘fixed’ on Christ He uses this gift He has given me to:

inspire me to serve
mold me into his likeness
rebuke me when I’m being dumb
experience pure JOY!

For years I felt like this was a group the Lord was asking me to start. In November 2011, everything fell into place and “running to Glorify” was born. But where did the ‘name’ come from?! In the summer of 2011 I was looking for Christian jewelry that left me feeling God’s presence when I saw it. I wasn’t interested in trendy pieces but true works of Love, God’s love, and I stumbled across the site Made to Glorify. This website inspired me so much that I felt like it was the last piece in the puzzle held deep within my heart that completed the journey I had been on and told my story; the story of my life where I am running to Glorify my Savior and not myself.

And so, this group is for everyone.

Lifetime Runners
New Runners
People who want to run but need a push and inspiration
Those that run/walk
ANYONE that has breath and desires to run in any shape or form

And our mission… To help. To serve. To inspire. To share. Running is a gift; a beautiful, exciting, painful, and rewarding gift. So lace up your shoes and let’s see where we are led.


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