We are ‘running to Glorify’ on Saturday, October 6th!!!

So you know what to expect on Saturday the 6th here is our structure:

  • Meet at “x” location (be on the lookout later next week on the Saturday Run! page for more details) at 8am
    • Towards the end of each week a route will be determined and will be posted on our blog <aka. right here> and the FB group (click the link and request to join). We purposely wait to determine a location until the week we are running (as opposed to each Saturday after we run) due to weather, course availability, etc.
    • Please dress for the weather and for a run with running shoes (the best part of this group is that you can literally roll out of bed and go!!)
  • Say a prayer and head out for a 3-4 mile run together.
    • If you are not up to 3-4 miles and or consider yourself slow (which in my opinion if you are moving forward it doesn’t matter at what speed you are going) do NOT panic because we have a wide range of abilities (people who run 4 miles with ease to runner/walkers to fast walkers) and you are not required to go the entire distance. The routes are planned strategically (out-and-back courses) so that you can turn around whenever you need to. We also like to pair people up based on ability.
  • After our run we meet up at a Coffee house/Rec. Center/a home/park, etc. (again why the routes are strategically planned). Here you can expect the following:
    • Short 5 minute devotion
    • Fellowship, Encouragement
    • Serving our Community
    • Discussion on a running topics, upcoming fun runs, etc.

If you have any questions please get in touch with me @ runningtoglorify@gmail.com.

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