Shirts have been Ordered!!!

Our RTG shirts have been ordered friends!!!! YEA!!!  If you have not paid for your shirt yet please do so as soon as possible. If you need to mail me your payment send me an email so I can get you my address.

Here is a list of those who have ordered (and what size) and if you have paid.

Amber Flowers – Size Small – Paid
Cari Mitchell – Size Small – Paid
Cristina Reyff – Size Small –
Diana Miller – Size Small –
Jaime Zeigler – Size Small –
Kate Welch – Size Small – Paid
Kristen Dennison – Size Small – Paid
Mindy Frankenfield – Size Small – Paid
Nicole Rainsbury – Size Medium – Paid
Leslie Wolff – Size Small – Paid
Marci Bower – Size Small – Paid
Michele Mantello-Sauer – Size Small –
Noria Tetreault – Size Small – Paid
Rebecca Janosky – Size Small – Paid
Ryan Burks – Size Medium –
Tara Parker – Size Small  –
Adelaide Cashman – Size Large –

Also, we will be talking more about Ragnar on Saturday after our run. If you plan on participating I need you to pay the registration fee (to me) as soon as possible as well.

So excited to get our shirts and wear them with honor and glory to our God!!!

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