Our Wet & Awesome Run

We had an amazing morning running in the rain this morning!  I lOvE running in the rain and I sure hope everyone else enjoyed this morning as much as I did!  So a couple of super awesome things happened that I want to share with those of you that couldn’t join us today.

We ran a loop from Roasters on the main road towards Columbia Point (by the bridge) and then back on the bike path. Well, while we were running a lady pulled up beside myself, Noria & Marci and asked us if we were participating in the “Running for Sherry” run/walk this morning (which started at Columbia Point). We didn’t know anything about it and while we ran our new friend shared a bit about “Sherry’s Run” while driving along side of us.

We learned that Sherry, a local to Montana, went out on an early morning run within the city of her hometown 3 weeks ago and never came home. Two men have been arrested and one of them has confessed to killing Sherry; however, he was so drugged up he couldn’t remember where he buried her (he wasn’t from the area). The two men were spotted on a nearby Walmart security camera purchasing a shovel that same day. As the lady drove off, Marci immediately started praying – I LOVE MY SISTERS IN CHRIST!!  When we got to Columbia Point (where the Running for Sherry walk/run was starting) we each signed a form saying we would run for Sherry and were given a flyer to wear as shown in the picture.  We also learned that the woman we had been speaking to was Sherry’s teacher as a child.  It was a heart-breaking time as we learned about this woman and how they prayed that Sherry’s body would be found.  So, as a group that is exactly what we did. We prayed with these new friends and believe that God will give them the desires of their hearts.  Friends, our God is so amazing as I believe without hesitation that he put our group on the road this morning for the very purpose of giving us the opportunity to agree in prayer with our new friends that Sherry would be found!!!

As we finished up our run and headed into Roasters we heard an awesome devotion given by Kate about the importance of trusting God, staying in His Word AND acting on it; that all 3 go hand-in-hand. Such a great reminder; Kate your sweet love for the Lord is so evident and we thank you for being so ‘real’.

And finally after many of our friends left (and we welcomed a few new friends into our little group this morning; yea God) a few of us got to enjoy the company of “Emma”.  Emma is a child none of us knew personally and was at Roasters with her Mom & Grandpa. I think each of us had noticed her at some point because she was just so cute!  Eventually we caught her attention and she wondered over our way. She seemed to be smitten with Diana and I had to capture this picture. As I took the picture, I had many thoughts running through my head but the one I’ll share with you is this:  Friends, look at the smile on Diana’s face in this picture. When I saw it I couldn’t help but think about Our King!  That is exactly how He looks at us, with such sweetness and joy. With that said, I encourage you to take some time today, climb up on Our Savior’s lap and feel His love!!


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