Dress Warm

We are running tomorrow. Dress Warm!!!!

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Saturday Run for 10/27 is on!

Join us as we are running to Glorify!!!  Go to the Saturday Run page for more details!

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Breathing….it’s necessary!

I ran across a short article that talks about a few breathing techniques that I use when running and wanted to share. Enjoy! http://www.fitsugar.com/How-Breathe-When-Running-19967835

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Saturday Run

I’m out of town but meet up anyway!!!

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Saturday Run

Tomorrow is our first Saturday run since our break!  Check the Saturday Run! link above to find out the specifics!!

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We are ‘running to Glorify’ on Saturday, October 6th!!!

So you know what to expect on Saturday the 6th here is our structure:

  • Meet at “x” location (be on the lookout later next week on the Saturday Run! page for more details) at 8am
    • Towards the end of each week a route will be determined and will be posted on our blog <aka. right here> and the FB group (click the link and request to join). We purposely wait to determine a location until the week we are running (as opposed to each Saturday after we run) due to weather, course availability, etc.
    • Please dress for the weather and for a run with running shoes (the best part of this group is that you can literally roll out of bed and go!!)
  • Say a prayer and head out for a 3-4 mile run together.
    • If you are not up to 3-4 miles and or consider yourself slow (which in my opinion if you are moving forward it doesn’t matter at what speed you are going) do NOT panic because we have a wide range of abilities (people who run 4 miles with ease to runner/walkers to fast walkers) and you are not required to go the entire distance. The routes are planned strategically (out-and-back courses) so that you can turn around whenever you need to. We also like to pair people up based on ability.
  • After our run we meet up at a Coffee house/Rec. Center/a home/park, etc. (again why the routes are strategically planned). Here you can expect the following:
    • Short 5 minute devotion
    • Fellowship, Encouragement
    • Serving our Community
    • Discussion on a running topics, upcoming fun runs, etc.

If you have any questions please get in touch with me @ runningtoglorify@gmail.com.

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RAGNAR 2012!

r2Grunning to Glorify RAGNAR teamRagnarorBust!MissionTripGoodNews.AMBER
MindyGood NewsVan2Ryan&LeslieRyanRyan&Amber

RAGNAR 2012!, a set on Flickr.

‎12 people running 200 miles in 36 hours while eating and sleeping and driving in 2 vans equals crazy, AKA RAGNAR! What an amazing accomplishment! I’m so proud of our team. We were all put to the test In so many ways and came out victorious with all the glory and praise going to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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Are you “ALL IN” ?

Today at church the sermon topic was called “Fan or Follower”.  It’s a legitimate question I think that everyone should ask themselves to discover where their heart really resides.  A question, I asked myself again today.

A fan shows up, can be passionate and enthusiastic but is truthfully only an admirer; someone who never goes ALL IN. There are various ways we can measure our commitment to Christ and there was one question that was presented today that captures the heart.

FOLLOWING Jesus will cost you something. What has following Jesus cost you?

For me it was and is “MY will/MY way/MY plan”.  Years and years ago I can remember having a conversation with a friend (who was such an amazing example of God’s love for me) that if I didn’t get what I wanted I had no problem manipulating any given situation so that it would go in my favor.  I can remember describing myself this way, “The sport of Triathlon ‘defines me'”.  My worth was found in achievement. My hope was found in accomplishment. My life was so empty and filled with void. I chased and ran after happiness and never knew what JOY felt like.

Then God…

Going ALL IN with Christ has caused me to deny myself, my will, my way, my plan on a daily basis and venture into the unknown, holding the hand of my Savior and FOLLOWING His lead. JOY is everyday in every moment and never departs, even when I’m sad or facing trials. The JOY of the Lord is my strength!!

Now, I love (remember it’s an action) those who hurt me even when I feel like I have a ‘right’ to be angry, I take the back seat GLADLY and my only desire is that my life will be a spotlight that directs the attention of everyone I know to Christ.  It’s ALL about Him.

He is ALL we need.

Have you gone ALL IN?

<This necklace was designed and created by www.madetoglorify.com. It is a constant reminder to me that when we go ALL IN with Christ we are called by Christ and are chosen to proclaim praises of Him.>


In Him,

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CaringBridge website for Tracy

For those of you that have been diligently in prayer for our sweet sister in Christ, Tracy Mooney, thank you and please continue to pray! Her family has set up a CaringBridge website so that we can stay updated on her healing and how we can focus our prayers.


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Praying 4 Tracy

The next 7 days is a critical time for our sister in Christ and fellow R2G runner. Because of this I’ve asked pretty much everyone I know if they would be willing to take time to pray for Tracy, her family, wisdom for the doctors, etc.,

With that said, this week I would like to keep our sweet sister BATHED in prayer every 30 minutes around the clock.

These are the time slots we have left. If you can take one, please let me know.

<update May 14, 2012> we have all 48 shifts of 30 minutes covered so if you want to join in, pick a time and commit to praying daily!
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